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Monique passed away on Wednesday evening, March 9, 2016…

Monique Flasaquier

Monique Flasaquier died on Wednesday evening March 9, 2016, at the Paul Strauss Cancer Treatment Center in Strasbourg, France. For the last four years she was fighting her illness with courage and hope but in the end the treatment could not eradicate her cancer. She had been surrounded by a great number of friends until her last breath, friends who took turns in coming and seeing her with tenderness and sympathy. In recent days, her physical condition worsened quickly. But Monique has gone in peace.

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  • To offer younger researchers a specific training in the new developments of the Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe
  • To provide an opportunity for direct interaction between younger researchers and "seniors" known for their expertise in the field.

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  • Younger researchers, in particular PhD students at an early stage in their research work. However other applications will also be considered.