We transfer our experience and know-how through consulting and research projects, as well as through different types of training and mentoring to our following three key target groups: - enterprises of different sizes and from different sectors; - the public sector, particularly the part in charge of either the local and regional economic development or for the development of suitable business environment and/or offering suitable business support to companies; and - membership-based entrepreneurial or business and interest organisations, business networks and other types of networking, partnering, clustering models, or carriers of different types of connecting and collaborating. The key questions we provide answers to are connected with new support, business, management, leadership, organisational and other, primarily connecting models, which substantially contribute to the competitiveness of an individual company, groups of companies or even a region. New or future models require also big changes in the public sector, business and support organisations, and even in the private consulting sector. We invest much effort in establishing partnerships and connections. We believe it is important also for consulting companies to connect and to develop their own products using all information and communication tools they have available. The company has established its own institute, which operates inside it (currently as the internal R&D unit), primarily in order to develop and promote new/future support, business, management, leadership, organisational and other, especially connecting models, methodologies and tools.